Rachel McAdams



Full Name: Rachel McAdams


Height: 5’5” (1.65m)


Date of Birth: October 7th, 1976


Current Age: 29


Star sign: Libra


Place of Birth: St. Josephs Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada


Eye Colour: Blue


Tattoos: Lower back


Favourite colour: Purple


Favourite designers: Rachel loves to shop at vintage clothing stores


Allergies: Horses


Education: Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario, Canada

                   York University, Toronto


Family: Father – Lance McAdams

              Mother – Sandy McAdams

              Sister – Kayleen McAdams

              Brother – Daniel McAdams


Occupation: Actress


Filmography: The Family Stone (2005) playing Amy Stone

                        Red Eye (2005) playing Lisa Reisert

                        Wedding Crashers (2005) playing Claire Cleary

                        The Notebook (2004) playing Allie Hamilton

                        Mean Girls (2004) playing Regina George

                        The Hot Chick (2002) playing Jessica

                        Perfect Pie (2002) playing Patsy

                        My name is Tanino (2002) playing Sally Garfield


Her family History: Rachel’s father Lance is a truck driver and her mother Sandy is a nurse.


Interesting Facts about Rachel:


*      Rachel won her first acting award in 1995 for her role in ‘I live in a little town’ which was one of her school plays

*      During Rachel’s senior year at York University, she played a child in ‘The Piper’

*      Rachel worked at McDonalds for 3 summers

*      Rachel took up figure skating when she was 4 years old and competed throughout her high school years

*      Rachel wore a wig and a fat suit in ‘Mean Girs’

*      During filming of ‘The Notebook’ the cast and crew had to put up with terrible weather conditions, particularly during the boat scene where Rachel is drenched soaking wet in the middle of winter. But Rachel insisted on continuing scenes until they were “perfect”

*      Rachel beat actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Ashley Judd to the role of Allie in ‘The Notebook’ by “blowing the producers away” when she walked into the audition room

*      Rachel missed out on the role of Sue Storm in ‘The Fantastic Four’ to Jessica Alba

*      Rachel brought her family onto the talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ with her

*      She still lives in Canada with her family

*      She received a record 5 MTV Movie award nominations in 1 year and won 3

*      Rachel donated signed head-shots to Rocky Stone to be auctioned off to raise money to buy more toys for less fortunate children as part of the Toy Mountain campaign

*      Rachel was born in the same hospital as her ‘Notebook’ costar Ryan Gosling

*      Rachel is a natural blonde but frequently changes her hair colour

*      On the first day of filming ‘The Hot Chick’ Rachel crashed the yellow bug that she had to drive

*      Rachel said she would be a secretary if she wasn’t an actress because she “loves paper clips and staplers”

*      Rachel finds petroleum jelly in “lip stuff” addictive so she prefers to use natural products

*      She once worked at a Golf Course

*      Rachel performed in Shakesperean productions in summer theatre camp

*      Rachel studied cultural studies before theatre

*      Rachel used to be a vegetarian

*      Rachel is of Irish Descent

*      She attends David Rothenberg’s on-camera acting class along with actors Scott Speedman, Kenneth Mitchell and Polly Shannon

*      Rachel is dating 'The Notebook' co-star Ryan Gosling



Rachel’s Personal Quotes:


“As strange as movie making is, doing love scenes for the first time with someone you've never even said hello to does work in terms of having a fresh quality to a relationship.”

“I have a certain curiosity for life that drives me and propels me forward.”

“It takes a lot of time, commitment and a choice. I've chosen this path, but it's not to say I'm not open to love or whatever comes my way. You never close doors.”

“The craziest thing I've ever done to get a guy's attention? I admit I stalked someone. I showed up at a restaurant where I knew the guy worked, and we were actually good friends and had lost touch, and I pretended that I didn't know he worked there. And then ran into him and, "Oh my God, you work here? I had no idea." It's the most manipulative thing I've done in my entire life, but it all worked out very well, so I have no regrets.”

"I still live in Canada, so it's not quite the same. And when I'm in L.A., I'm in a car you don't have the contact with the public. It's not so bad. It's still pretty much the same. I still feel pretty normal-ish."

“The most romantic thing, a lovely boy bought me a dress once. He got my measurements, actually they were from The Notebook and I had them sitting somewhere, and he found them and bought me this dress, tailor-made, this beautiful little black cocktail dress. And I thought that was very, very classy.”

"I want to try a lot of things that I haven't tried. You know, I did a thriller Red Eye after this, because it was so different and it was a genre I hadn't worked in yet. Then I did a beautiful family ensemble drama. And next? I don't know. I might go off to do a small independent in New York. I'm not sure. The quality of material is important, but, basically, I'm open to anything. I like to stay open to anything".

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