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Monday, 26 June 2006
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Topic: Hot Topics

James Blunt & Petra Nemcova

In case you havn't already heard, Petra & James are an item. I'm not being heartless but it seems a little soon for Petra to start dating someone new after losing her fiance Simon in the Tsunami disaster. But i guess it has been more than a year and she probably needs someone to love her and comfort her... or something like that. Anyway, they seem happy together, they've already been on holiday to Ibiza and more recently partied in London nightclub Boujis. Good luck to them.

Britney goes black!

Would you check it out! Britney has died her hair black! If i'm honest it looks pretty good, well she has been in desperate need for a new look. I feel sorry for Britney, in recent months she has been the most slated celebrity and has even been labelled "World's Worst Mother". Harsh. What has she done to deserve that? Well lets take a look..                                                                             

1. Drives away with her baby on her lap - Erm in case you didn't catch this, the reason she had to drive away with him on her lap was because of all of the crazy paparazzi! I have seen the footage of this incident and i'm not kidding there were like 50 people running at her and Sean with cameras!

2. Sean falls out of a badly manufactured high chair - Correct me if i'm wrong but since when did Britney become a joiner? Did she physically construct the high chair herself? No! It wasn't her fault the chair broke causing Sean to fall out, and yes that is how it happened she didn't throw him out of the chair herself!

3. She nearly "drops" Sean - Bollocks, i watched the video of this on and she wasn't even close to dropping him despite what the photos portray, she missed her step and stumbled a little. 3 guesses why she missed her step ... again she had at least 20 paparazzi who wouldn't even let her past with her child. If you don't believe me go on yourself and you'll see that the only thing that gets dropped is Sean's red hat!

4. Sean's car seat isn't installed properly - Everyone reported that the car seat was the wrong way round, but it wasn't at all, it should have only been the other way round if Sean was in the front seat, but he wasn't he was in the back. Plus, it is better for the baby to be seated that way round, check that out if you don't believe me

To conlcude, LEAVE THE WOMAN ALONE! It's getting boring reading about it all anyway!

Nicole gets married

What's that you say? NICOLE RICHIE GOT MARRIED AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT! No, calm down, don't get too excited. It's only Nicole Kidman, she married Keith Urban just  after sunset yesterday in Sydney, Australia. Guests at the wedding include Naomi Watts

Posted by celeb-palace at 2:40 PM EDT

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