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Full Name: Jessica Ann Simpson


Nickname: Jess, Princy


Height: 5’3.5” (1.61m)


Date of Birth: July 10th, 1980


Current Age: 25


Star Sign: Cancer


Place of birth: Abilene, Dallas, Texas, USA


Eye Colour: Brown


Religion: Baptist


Piercings: Ears


Favourite Food: Chicken fried steak with gravy and mashed potatoes, Oreo’s and Brownie mix, Mexican


Favourite TV shows: Dawson’s Creek, Friends


Favourite Singers: Amy Grant, Mariah Carey, Brian McKnight, Lenny Kravitz, 98 Degrees and the Goo Goo dolls, Berlin


Favourite Movie: Pretty woman


Favourite Book: Message in a bottle by Nicolas Sparks


Favourite Actress: Julia Roberts


Favourite holiday: Christmas


Favourite place: Rome, Italy


Favourite subject: English


Favourite item of clothing: Red snake skin boots


Favourite designers: Guess?, Rampage, Abercrombie and Fitch, Bebe and Juicy


Favourite make-up: MAC, Philosophy and Stila


Favourite Amusement park ride: Tower of Terror at Disney land


Favourite Flower: Hot pink roses


Education: Richardson North Junior High School, Texas

                  J.J Pearce High School, Richardson, Texas


Family: Father – Joe Simpson (48)

            Mother – Tina Simpson (46)

            Sister – Ashlee Simpson (21)


Celebrity Relationships: Nick Lachey (98 Degrees singer)

                                       Adam Levine (Maroon 5 singer)

                                       Bam Margera (Viva La Bam star)


Celebrity Friends: Paris Hilton

                             Destiny’s Child

                             Mandy Moore

                             Jake Gyllenhaal

                             Eva Mendes

                             Seth Green

                             Kirsten Dunst

                              Brittany Murphy 

                      Eva Longoria

                           Christina Applegate

                         Christina Milian


Occupation: Singer, song writer and actress



Baywatch (2007) playing CJ Parker

Employee of the month (2006)

                     The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) playing Daisy Duke


Pets: 1 Malti-poo dog called Daisy


Her family History: Jessica’s parents Joe and Tina Simpson have been married for 27 years. Joe was a psychologist who served as a youth minister in the local Baptist church. Joe accompanied Jessica as she toured the Christian youth concert circuit and once she was signed to a big label, Joe left the ministry to become her full-time music manager. Joe has recently started his own label named JT Records and still acts as music manager for Jessica, Ashlee and artist Ryan Cabrera.


Interesting Facts about Jessica:


*    Jessica was married to 98 degrees singer Nick Lachey for 3 years before filing for divorce in 2005 as a “mutual decision”

*    Jessica grew up in Richardson, Texas

*    She turned down a role in Coyote ugly in 2000

*    Jessica performed at the 2000 American music awards

*    Back in 1989 Jessica auditioned for the Mickey Mouse club but lost the part to future stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake

*    In her October 2002 wedding to Nick Lachey, Jessica wore a beaded, strapless Vera Wang gown and carried a 500-stem stephanotis bouquet from Mark's Garden in L.A. that took 12 hours to assemble

*    Jessica was part of the USO tour in the 2003 Iraqi war

*    Jessica drives a Mercedes Benz SL500

*    Jessica hosted “SNL:live” in 2004 with her then husband Nick Lachey

*    During her marriage with Nick Lachey they lived in Calabasas, California which was also the location for their MTV TV show “Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica”

*    Jessica was ranked #1 on 'Maxim' top 100 hot list for 2004

*    She beat Britney Spears to the role of Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard

*    She Was voted #1 for VH1's Top Ten best bodies

*    She plays a dumb blonde on her hit TV show “Newlyweds”, but according to her mother (in the August issue of Vanity Fair) her I.Q is in the 160s. That would place her in the "genius" category

*    Jessica underwent LASIK eye surgery to correct her vision in 2004

*    She is national spokesperson for operation smile

*    She has a song by Adam Green named "Jessica" dedicated to her, including the lyrics "Jessica Simpson, where has your love gone? It's not in your music, no. So where has it gone then?"

*    She performed at President George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001

*    Jessica’s first album was a Christian album when she was 14

*    Jessica and ex-husband Nick recorded a cover of “A whole new world” for the special edition Aladdin DVD

*    She also recorded a cover of “little drummer boy” with sister Ashlee Simpson and “Baby it’s cold outside” with ex-husband Nick Lachey

*    Jessica was ranked #43 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" 2002

*    She made the tabloid headlines after attending a bachelorette party for friend Jennifer MacFarlane, where the entertainment was provided by two members of the "Genital Origami" troupe Puppetry of the Penis. She reportedly "howled and giggled" at the duo's routine, which included such installations as "The Fruit Bat" and "The Turtle" in 2004

*    She is famous for keeping her virginity until her wedding night, when she went on TV and announced she was going to do that, making her a positive role model for teenage girls and young women

*    Jessica was ranked #2 on E!'s 50 Steamiest Southern Stars

*    She was voted #1 in People Magazine's 10 Most Stylish Moments for her "Daisy Duke" look in 2005

*    She was named #9 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list

*    She met her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, at a charity event in 1998 where she was performing alongside Nick Lachey’s group 98 Degrees

*    Jessica was nominated for the 2006 Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress along side her sister Ashlee Simpson

*    Jessica was a cheerleader in high school

*    Her most famous assets are her 36DD boobs which blossomed in Junior high school

*    She celebrated her 25th birthday at her parents house

*    After her split with Nick, Jessica is rumoured to have had a romantic relationship with the lead singer of Maroon 5 Adam Levine

*    Jessica’s relationship with Adam Levine supposedly ended when he sent her a text message reading ‘really Busy. Need space’. This came after Adam blew-off their Valentines day date

*    Her sister Ashlee was a bridesmaid at her wedding

*    Nick proposed to Jessica on a boat and he timed it just as the sun was setting

*      Jessica is reported to have a bitter relationship with Lindsay Lohan, after Lindsay sent a round of drinks over to Jessica’s table in LA bar the Dime and Jessica failed to thank Lindsay. As a consequence, Lindsay reportedly confronted Jessica saying “‘What’s the matter? When your sister is around, you can talk shit about me, but now that Ashlee’s not here, what are you going to do? C’mon! I’m 19 and you’re 25.
Say something, you coward!’ ” The dispute ended with Jessica’s stylist Jessica Pastor calling Lindsay a bitch and Jessica stating she was way too old for this kind of juvenile behaviour

*      Ranked #10 on FHM’s 100 sexiest women of 2006 list

*      While filming ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ Jessica is rumoured to have had some sort of a romantic relationship with her co-star Johnny Knoxville. This upset both Jessica’s husband Nick and Johnny’s wife Melanie, Johnny & Jessica both denied that anything was going on

*      Family and friends of Jessica have told reporters that Jessica has been trying to look particularly good lately to fight back at her ex husband Nick Lachey and show him that she is still looking good

*      Jessica suffered from a kidney infection in 2004 causing her to have to cancel some of her shows

*      Jessica has her own beauty line called Dessert treats, featuring edible beauty products

*      Jessica turned up to the NCLR ALMA awards with a curly red haired bob in May 2006

*    Jessica still wears her wedding ring from Nick Lachey on a chain around her neck along with 2 crosses

*    The Tarrant Apparel Group are suing Jessica for $100 million for failing to promote their clothes after signing a multimillion 3-year licensing deal in December 2004. She was supposed to be actively involved in promoting and wearing the JS by Jessica Simpson and Princy lines at public events, but she failed to do this and even refused to be photographed wearing the clothes. Also, when asked to name her favourite brand of jeans, she answered “True Religion” rather than “Princy”

*    Jessica’s publicist revealed in 2006, that Jessica was exploring the options of adopting a child 

*    In early 2006, reporters said that Jessica and Britney Spears’ husband Kevin Federline were flirting endlessly in LA’s club Privilege. Friends of Jessica though claim that they are just old friends

*    Reports said that Nick Lachey claimed to the courts for the right to seek spousal support despite Jessica saying he could not have any money

*    The home that Nick and Jessica shared during their marriage and the set of “Newlyweds” was sold after their separation in early 2006 for $3.75 million to  19 year old Justin Berfield who plays Reese in “Malcolm in the Middle” 

*    Nick Lachey told Elle Magazine that he used to put on Jessica’s shoes and walk around in them; he said “It was sort of a kinky thing we liked to get into"

*    Less than 2 weeks after filing for divorce form Nick, Jessica bought and moved into a $3 million Beverly Hills house

*    Jessica hates the judge assigned to her divorce case, and has asked that he is replaced accusing him of being biased

*    Shortly before their marriage came to an end, Jessica’s husband Nick had been canoodling with strippers, his excuse being he likes to talk to “smart” girls  

*    Jessica’s dad Joe Simpson made a $200, 000 deal with Ok! Magazine for Jessica to appear on the cover of their premiere issue as well as six additional covers

*    Actress Reese Witherspoon made a jab at Jessica by saying "Creating a cultural icon out of someone who goes, 'I'm stupid, isn't it cute?' makes me want to throw daggers"

*    Jessica accidentally beat up a guy on the set of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ after mistaking him for a stunt man

*    Jessica is set to launch a new home treadmill line as well as a workout video with her personal trainer

*    Jessica said that her mother Tina used to stretch her legs when she was young because she was worried they were too short

*    Nick told Rolling Stone magazine that he didn’t understand why Jessica wanted to end their marriage and that she just came out with it in the car on their way home from a friends’ house. Nick says he was devastated

*    Nick said it probably would have been easier if he’d just walked in the house and found Jessica in bed with a guy, he also said that even if she’d cheated 5 times over he still loves her

*    Jessica is rumoured to have hooked up with her ‘Employee of the month’ co-star Dane Cook

*    Jessica has been cast as CJ Parker in the film version of “Baywatch”, CJ was the role that Pamela Anderson made famous

*    Jessica has told friends that she regrets breaking up with Nick and says she is struggling to cope with loneliness

*    Jessica is rarely seen without her stylist Ken Paves by her side. Ken used to style strippers hair to make ends meet, but he has worked his way up and was paired with Jessica by her record label 8 years ago. They work together for Operation Smile, an organisation for disfigured children and they are working on their own hair extension brand. They plan to make wigs and extensions for cancer patients


*    A source close to Jared Leto says that he and Jessica are dating. The pair met in LA club Hyde on June 2nd, 2006 and met up again in New York. However Jessica’s reps are insisting she’s still single


Jessica’s personal Quotes:



          "After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways"


"I'd go to concerts and think, 'That's exactly what I want to do.'"

"I wanted to give up, but my family kept me going." - About losing a spot on "MMC” in 1989 to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

"I want people to fall in love with my voice before my image."

"I'm right there ready to explode... or I could go pfffffft. No one could ever hear from me again." - About how successful her future album may be.

"I have this fear of talking to people. I'm worried they won't like me. I've always had that insecurity. I tried to go up to CÚline Dion at the Billboard Awards last year. She was right there, but I couldn't do it". - Cosmo GIRL, February 2001

"After 9-11, I knew that I never ever wanted to be away from Nick ever for the rest of my life."

"Dumb is just not knowing. Ditzy is having the courage to ask! Ditzy is not editing yourself."

"Faith has helped me to be a strong person and stay level headed. It brings me peace. In this business you definitely need peace."

"I want to be a diva... like people-totally-respect-my-music diva, not diva like carry-my-diet-Coke-around."

"Natural beauty is really happiness with who you are. If you like who you are on the inside, that'll come through on the outside."

"Everybody from my record label to my father as my manager was like, 'Don't get married.' But when I got married my career began."

"Nick and I have gotten a lot of attention for doing a 'reality' show on television, but the ability to give a child his or her smile back is the kind of reality that really deserves the attention. We are both so happy to play a small part in the wonderful work Operation Smile does for children." - On Operation Smile.

"I think that freshness and that innocence is something that is missing from a lot of female singers. I'm certainly not denying that I'm young, but I'm not fluff."

"I'm such a sucker for sappy songs. I'm a big romantic, and I love love. I love singing about it and listening to songs about it"

On her dog Daisy: "She goes with me everywhere. It's preparing me to be a mother, I think."

"My mom was really worried I'd grow up looking strange, so every night before I went to bed, she'd pull my legs and stretch them so they'd be in proportion with the rest of my body."

"I don't really care what I'm famous for. As long as I get to do the movie roles I want to do and still make records."

"I don't want people walking out of a movie thinking I was trying to act or be some movie star. I want them to think, 'That might make me like Jessica a little bit more.'"

"You've done a nice job decorating the White House". Introducing herself to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton in December 2004.

“How did you guys run so slowly in the show’s opening scene where you’re running down the beach?” – To Pamela Anderson about Baywatch