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Full name: Ashlee Nicole Simpson


Nickname: Ash


Height: 5’6” (1.68m)


Date of Birth: October 3rd, 1984


Current Age: 21


Star Sign: Libra


Place of birth: Waco, Dallas, Texas, USA


Eye colour: Green


Religion: Baptist


Tattoos: 3 - ‘love’ on the inside of her wrist, cherries on her ankle and the outline of a black star on her wrist


Piercings: Ears


Favourite singers: Hole, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morrissette, Deborah Harry, Fiona Apple, Joan Jett, Garbage, Jimmy Eat World, Kelis and Maroon 5


Favourite shops: Ashlee loves vintage stores



Education: Prairie creek Elementary

                   Prestigious school of American ballet


Family: Father – Joe Simpson (48)

             Mother - Tina Simpson (46)

             Sister – Jessica Simpson (25)


Celebrity relationships: Josh Henderson (Actor)

                                         Ryan Cabrera (Musician)

                                         Wilmer Valderrama (That 70’s show Actor)

                                          Chris Raab (Viva la Bam and Jackass Actor)

                                         Braxton Olita (Musician)


Celebrity Friends: Fefe Dobson

                                Simon Cutmore

                                Stiletto Formal

                                Lindsay Lohan


Occupation: Singer, song writer, dancer and supporting actress


Filmography: Undiscovered (2005) Playing Clea

                       The Hot Chick (2002) Playing Monique


Her family History: Ashlee’s parents Joe and Tina Simpson have been married for 27 years. Joe was a psychologist who served as a youth minister in the local Baptist church. Joe has recently started his own label named JT Records and acts as a music manager for Ashlee, Jessica and artist Ryan Cabrera. Ashlee’s mother Tina appears many times on ‘The Ashlee Show’ alongside Ashlee. Tina says about Ashlee; "Ashlee has this tough exterior, but she really does wear her heart on her sleeve."


Interesting facts about Ashlee:


*      Ashlee’s natural hair colour is light blonde

*      Ashlee was already 5’2” by the age of 10 without any shoes

*      On Forbes 2006 'Richest Young Celebrities List', it is reported Ashlee earned $5.3 million in 2005

*      Alongside her sister Jessica, Ashlee was nominated for the worst supporting actress in the Razzie awards for her role in ‘Undiscovered’. However neither Ashlee or Jessica scooped the award

*      Ashlee says she battled with anorexia when she was in Ballet school

*      The most intensely personal song from her ‘I am me’ album is called “catch me”

*      Her 21st birthday gift from sister Jessica was a vintage diamond Rolex watch

*      She celebrated her 21st birthday in a club called ‘Pure’ in Las Vegas

*      Ashlee shares her birthday with Gwen Stefani

*      Ashlee ‘s childhood dog's name is Jordan which her sister Jessica named after New Kids on the Block singer; Jordan Knight

*      She has a song on the ‘Freaky Friday’ soundtrack called “Just let me cry”

*      Has a bracelet from Jessica inscribed: "If you can dream it, you can become it"

*      Ashlee’s on-off boyfriend Ryan Cabrera has been her friends since they were kids, Ashlee appears in his music video “On the way down”

*      Wilmer Valderrama said on the Howard Stern Show he did in fact have sex with Ashlee and that she was very loud in bed

*      Ashlee left the cast of ‘7th Heaven’ to pursue her music career

*      At the age of 11, Ashlee is the youngest person ever to be admitted to the prestigious school of American ballet, but rumour has it that dad Joe had to lie about her age for her

*      During her performance on "Saturday Night live" she was supposed to sing "Pieces of Me" and "Shadow". After "Pieces of Me" was preformed she came back and tried to perform "Shadow", but her band started play "Pieces of me" again. Before trying to cover it up with what can only be described as a clown dance, she ended up walking off stage in tears and not performing "Shadow". Before SNL ended she apologised and blamed her band for the whole thing, what’s worse is that the incident caught her lip synching which was later put down to her having vocal problems. This turned out to be one of the most joked about news stories of 2004

*      Ashlee may be younger but she foul-mouths a lot more than Jessica. Ashlee confesses that she once got scolded by her parents (or as she calls it 'got her mouth washed out') for cursing on TV. She says she will never swear again— At least not in front of her parents

*      Ashlee won "Best Summer Song" and "Fresh Face" at the 2004 Teen Choice Awards

*      Her sister Jessica cried when she heard "Shadow" for the first time, saying it was the most beautiful song she'd ever heard

*      Ashlee was supposed to be in the movie ‘Raise Your Voice’ originally but she quit

*      Other than their difference in colour of hair and eye, Jessica and Ashlee look quite alike. They both have the same nose and lips. They even have the chin dimple has well. They both naturally have blonde hair

*      Ashlee herself has commented in the media that she prefers herself in the darker locks, as did most of the cast of 7th Heaven, many of her friends and family members

*      Ashlee trains with renowned acting coach Janet Alhanti

*      Her song “Shadow” reflected her feelings of being overshadowed by older sister Jessica

*      Ashlee grew up dancing while her sister grew up singing

*      Ashlee spent three years on tour as a backing dancer for her sister

*      To help launch her own music career Ashlee was given her own show on MTV called ‘The Ashlee show’ in 2004

*      Ashlee currently lives in Los Angeles

*      Friends and family say she has a “fiery” and “blunt” personality

*      Ashlee dated Josh Henderson for two years before they split

*      Ashlee’s first album ‘Autobiography’ went platinum in the first week of release in 2004

*      She sang “little drummer boy” with Jessica on her sister’s Christmas album

*      Ashlee was booed offstage at the Orange Bowl

*      Ashlee was a bridesmaid at Jessica’s wedding

*      She moved to LA with her family when she was 14

*      Geffen records produced Ashlee’s debut album

*      Ashlee is rumoured to have recently had a nose job, when asked about it she just said “Maybe, who knows!”

*      Ashlee featured in a Candie’s Ad in 2004

*      Ashlee cried on MTV show Punk’d before she realised Ashton Kutcher was behind the whole incident at the “Art” museum

*      Ashlee was apparently scared out of Loft Shoe Productions in 2005 when artist Peter Missing entered and nastily stared Ashlee down until she fled next door

*      Ashlee turned up at a Canadian McDonalds drunk and started climbing on the tables, she then refused to take a picture with a fan because he wouldn’t kiss her feet   

*      A ‘Stop Ashlee Simpson’ petition was created online to try and remove her from the entertainment industry

*      In 2005, an unknown person published a spoof of ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ on the internet

*      Ashlee has vowed never to expose herself in a men’s magazine

*      Ashlee hosted the 2006 MTV Australian Video Music Awards

*      In 2006, Ashlee was offered $4 million to pose for Playboy magazine but turned down the offer

*      Ashlee began working on a new album in 2006 called “I Am Me”



Ashlee’s Personal quotes:


"Because of my family, I was very driven and I really wanted to be where I am today."

"Image is something that people think too much about. When it comes to style and clothes, it's about feeling confident in what you're wearing."

"I knew that if I wanted to do a sappy ballad album I could, but it wouldn't be me. It would be so awkward."

"I think that if you love something so much you have to do it. I love music so much, there was no choice."

"The first show I did, I was so nervous I tripped during my first song!"

"This business looks glamorous and fun, but it's so much work. There are moments when you are like, 'Oh my God, all this work has paid off and it's so cool.'"

"I would sing behind closed doors growing up. Jessica was so good and it made me shy about my own voice. But, I don't hide my singing - not anymore. I sing punk music actually. I love to run around and scream and rock out and play guitar."

"'Autobiography' is basically a response to people assuming I'm a Jessica clone. It's like, 'If you wanna know me, just ask me!"

I've always been a rocker. Like ever since I was really young. I had a crush on the Green Day guys. That's always been what I was like and been my interest. Then I was in a punk band for a while and we broke up."

"I've always loved rock music. I went to ballet school and had orange hair. I've always been out there."

"I've never looked at myself and thought "Oh yeah, I'm sexy". I've felt sexy and confident, but I don't look at myself that way"

"No matter what people say, your fans are the ones that come to watch the movie or come to your shows and that's the most important thing."

“I think shoes say a lot about a person. Growing up, in the front shoe closet of my house, half of it would be full of Jessica's high heels and half would be full of my mismatched Converse. I think if I had first walked into the studio wearing high heels people wouldn't have taken me seriously at all. I walked in wearing my Cons and they knew, 'this girl is here to rock.”

"I only love musicians! I can't help it. Bass, drums, guitar. You've just got to play something!"

                "I'm not a mean person. I'm a nice person! I'll bet you five million your manager will let me do what I want!"


                "I was really sick of getting my roots done - it looked like I was balding when they'd come in."


          "I didn't feel very pretty when I was younger, because I had this gorgeous sister."


            "I have a big nose, though I love it. I've got a hump on it and everything."


          Ashlee admits she was star struck to meet actress Ashley Judd, but unfortunately the meeting didn't go well;
          "I was 13 and I went up to her and she wouldn't say hi," Ashlee recalled. "She probably was not in the mood. I was so sad. I just wanted to tell her that I was a younger sister too but she wouldn't look at me."