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Full Name: Nicole Camille Richie (Escovedo)


Height: 5’2” (1.57m)


Eye Colour: Hazel


Tattoos: 9 – She has 2 angel wings on her shoulder blades, a cross on her lower back, a bow with “Richie” below it on the back of her neck, a rosary on her ankle, “virgin” on her right wrist, a tiara on her hip, a shooting star on her left wrist and a ballerina on her lower hip


Piercings: Ears and Nipple


Favourite singer: The Scissor sisters


Favourite drinks: Sprite, coca-cola, water, milk and coffee


Favourite restaurants: So Cal coffee chain, The Coffee bean and Tea Leaf


Date of Birth: September 21st, 1981


Current Age: 24


Star Sign: Virgo


Place of Birth: Berkeley, California


Education: Montclair College Prep School

                    Buckley School, Sherman Oaks, California

                    The University of Arizona


Family: Father - Lionel Richie (57)

              Biological Father – Pete Michael Escovedo

              Mother – Brenda Harvey-Richie


Celebrity Relationships: Elijah Blue Allman (son of singer Cher)

                                           Adam Goldstein (DJ)

                                           Tobey Maguire (Actor)

                                           Steve-O (MTV “Jackass” star)

                                          Brad Salyn (Canadian music producer and entrepreneur)


Celebrity Friends:    Nicky Hilton

                                 Michael Jackson

                                 Nancy Davis

                                 Josie Maran

                                 Soleil Alberti

                                 Sofia Alberti

                                 Bijou Phillips

                                 Tara Reid

                                 Mischa Barton

                                 Lindsay Lohan

                                 Carmen Electra

                                 Dave Navvaro

                                 Fefe Dobson

                                 Taryn Manning


Occupation: Socialite


Filmography:Kids in America (2005) playing Kelly Stepford



Pets: 2 Dogs called Honeychild and Foxxy Cleopatra


Her family History: Nicole was adopted by 80’s pop icon Lionel Richie and his first wife Brenda when she was 9 years old. Her biological father, Pete Michael Escovedo lll, is the brother of 80’s pop percussionist Sheila E. and son of the famous Latin percussionist Pete Escovedo. Her biological father later became the musical director of ‘The Wayne Brady show’. Nicole’s biological mother is a woman only identified as an assistant on Lionel Richie’s 1980 world tour. Nicole is also the niece of Juan Escovedo and Zina Escovedo.


Interesting Facts about Nicole:


*      Nicole has been looking for a good location in Los Angeles to open her own nightclub

*      When asked what her biggest misconception about herself was she replied “People think that all I do is shop and eat.”

*      Nicole broke the FCC complaint record when she said the F-word during the Billboard Music Awards 2003 and it was not bleeped. The FCC received 80,000 complaints.

*      Nicole co-hosted the 19th annual Soul Train Music Awards in 2005

*      Nicole is currently working on an album, it is reportedly a mix of rock, soul and dance

*      Nicole stands to inherit her father’s, Lionel’s, $365 million fortune

*      Nicole has had an acting role playing cheerleader, Kelly Stepford, in the comedy ‘Kids in America’ in 2005

*      Nicole can figure skate

*      Nicole played the piano in a live appearance on ‘The View’ in February 2005

*      Nicole took part in the “Fashion for Relief” show in September 2005 held in New York, to support victims of Hurricane Katrina

*      Nicole’s father, Lionel, wrote the song “Ballerina Girl” for her

*      Nicole was engaged to DJ Adam Goldstein for 9 months before their engagement was called off, it was said to be a mutual decision

*      Since her split from Adam Goldstein her weight has plummeted to a worrying 97 pounds, her father Lionel as described her as a "nervous wreck" 

*      Nicole is rumoured to be starring in a sitcom with 20th century fox, based loosely on herself

*      Nicole is now considered a Hollywood style icon

*      Nicole works out 3 or 4 times a week with L.A trainer Adam Irnster

*      Nicole's lifetime friendship since the age of 2 with Paris Hilton has come to an end after Nicole was rumoured to have put on a private screening at a party of Paris's infamous sex video, Nicole however claims that the reason the pair fell out was because while Nicole was in rehab she realised she needed to cut certain people out of her life, so she decided she didn't wanted to be friends with Paris anymore & said they didn't have much in common anyway

*      Nicole dislikes being tickled

*      Nicole claims she had never had an eating disorder

*      Nicole refers to her publicist as “Cindykins”

*      Nicole has graced the cover of ‘Fashion 18’ and ‘Jane’ magazine

*      Nicole was charged for possession of Heroin and released on a $10,000 bail after being arrested in Malibu, California in February 2003 and has since been through rehab

*      Nicole is set to release a fragrance called “Different” which has ginger and lavender in it

*      Nicole knows how to play cello, piano and the violin

*      Nicole’s engagement ring from Adam Goldstein was a square-cut pink sapphire framed by small diamonds

*      Nicole wants 5 children, 3 girls and twin boys

*      Nicole is said to have considered laser surgery to remove her tattoos as they are frowned upon in Judaism, which is the religion of her fiance Adam Goldstein which Nicole is said to be considering converting to

*      Nicole is most famous for starring in “The Simple life” alongside ex-best friend Paris Hilton

*      Nicole claimed on ‘The Howard Stern” show she has only had sex with 2 guys and lost her virginity when she was 18

*       Nicole is a member of the rock band ‘Darling’

*      Nicole’s godfather is Michael Jackson whom she defended when he was on trial for child molestation

*      Nicole’s godmother is the oil heiress Nancy Davis who is the mother of Mischa Barton’s boyfriend Brandon

*      Nicole currently lives in Los Angeles

*      Nicole has released a semi-autobiographical novel called ‘The truth about diamonds’

*      Nicole ripped off Paris Hilton’s catchphrase “That’s Hot!” by coming up with one of her own – “Loves It.”

*      Nicole and Paris are rumoured to have started filming “The Simple life 4” individually and haven’t spoken a word to each other

*      Nicole is Caucasian, black and Mexican

*      Nicole is one of Hollywood’s most famous party girls

*      Nicole was ranked #37 on the Maxim Hot 100 of 2005 list

*      Her dog Foxxy Cleopatra is named after Beyonce's character in 'Austin Powers in Goldmember'

*      By spring 2006 Nicole’s relationship with Adam Goldstein was back on, Adam claimed he wanted to help Nicole “get better”. It is even said that they are engaged again

*      She is the new face of Jimmy Choo

*      Nicole has blasted reports that she is “dying” because she is so thin by saying “that is so untrue and it is upsetting for my family to hear lies about their daughter – they don’t ask me about it because they know I eat”

*      After rekindling her romance with Adam Goldtsein, Nicole threw him a 33rd surprise birthday party at Las Vegas night club Pure with 100 of his friends and family

*      Nicole is rumoured to be writing her own style bible

*      Nicole plans to re-use her old engagement ring from DJ Adam Goldstein but she is meeting with jewellers to help re-design it, she doesn’t want their relationship to be jinxed

*      Nicole is a fan of American Idol judge Simon Cowell & admires him for his cut-throat attitude & hinesty

*      She is rumoured to be considering plastic surgery on her nose

*      Nicole has finally admitted that she is too thin but still denies having an eating disorder, she says doctors have to weigh her once a month & she is getting help from a nutritionist to help her gain weight

*      During the filming of “ The Simple Life 4: Till death do us part” Nicole approached an 11 year old boy and asked him graphically if he found her attractive. The boy’s father has refused to sign a consent form to allow the clip to air

*      In 2005, Nicole crashed into a mail truck  

*      Nicky Hilton will be a bridesmaid at Nicole’s wedding

*      In 2005, Nicole fell asleep on the toilet floor in Buffalo Club, Santa Monica

*      In 2004, Nicole was forced to take off her top at the airport when her nipple ring set off a metal detector

*      Close friends of Nicole have said that the reason for her weight loss is because of a diet pill called Hoodia which is found in the Kalahari Desert. The pill tricks the brain into thinking you are full so that you have no desire to eat or drink all day

*      An episode of Celebrity Death match will air later in 2006 featuring Nicole & Paris Hilton pelting each other with designer handbags and bursting into flames

*      When Nicole showed up to a Beverley Hills gym in June, 2006 she sprayed her bottle of water at the waiting paparazzi

  •             Nicole was spotted in June, 2006 with Paris Hilton’s ex professional skater boyfriend Chad Muska, shopping at Kitson, sparking rumours the two might be dating
  •             Nicole has had small roles on sitcoms like “8 Simple Rules…” & “American Dreams”
  •             Nicole’s dad Lionel Richie has promised Nicole a yacht cruise in the Caribbean if she outs on some weight. Lionel thought some of Nicole’s friends were encouraging her to stay skinny, so he thinks this will give them an incentive to encourage her to put on weight


 Nicole’s Personal Quotes:


 "I went to the University of Arizona. I stopped because I went there for two years and I felt like I experienced college or whatever. I'm over it. I like Hollywood better." On going to college.

"I do love to shop. But I'm a social shopper. I like to do it while hanging out with my friends. Some of them hate shopping because they treat it like something you have to plan, like a grocery list. But if I'm out and I pass a store, I just pop in."

"People would ask me about being a voluptuous woman. It was weird because I've been skinny my whole life."

"I think fame is harder when people have something to hide, but I'm very comfortable, and have nothing to hide."

“I wouldn’t want girls looking at me and saying ‘that’s what I want to look like’ & I know they will which is another reason why I really need to do something about it”