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Full Name: Gabrielle Monique Union


Nickname: Nickie & Gabby


Height: 5’8” (1.73m)


Eye Colour: Brown


Date of Birth: October 29th, 1972


Current Age: 33


Star Sign: Scorpio


Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, USA


Religion: Catholic


Piercings: Ears


Favourite Colour: Black


Favourite Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Pilates and yoga


Favourite Designers: Armani, Reebok, Jimmy Choo and American eagle Outfitters


Favourite stylists: Kim Kimble for hair (Kim styled Beyoncé’s hair in Austin Powers) and Stacy Gibson for make-up


Education: Harvest Park, California

                   Foothill High, California

                   Olhon Junior College, Freemon, California

                   Cuesta Junior College, San Luis Obispo, California

                   University of California

                   Law School


Family: Father – Sylvester Union

             Mother – Theresa Union

             Sisters – 1 Older & 1 Younger


Celebrity Relationships: Jason Kidd (Basketball Player)

                                          Chris Howard (NFL Star)


Celebrity Friends: Tamala Jones

                                Dule Hill

                                Essence Atkins

                                Sean Patrick Thomas


Occupation: Actress



Daddy's Little Girl (2007) 

Running with scissors (2006) playing Dorothy

Say Uncle (2005) playing Elise

The Honeymooners (2005) playing Alice Kramden

Neo Ned (2005) playing Rachael

Constellation (2005) playing Carmel Boxer

Something the Lord made (2004) playing Clara Thomas

Breakin’ all the Rules (2004) playing Nicky Callas

Ride or Die (2004) playing masked woman

Bad Boys 2 (2003) playing Sydney Burnett

Cradle to the Grave (2003) playing Daria

Deliver Us from Eva (2003) playing Eva Dandridge

Welcome to Collinwood (2002) playing Michelle

Abandon (2002) playing Amanda Luttrell

Two Can play that Game (2001) playing Connie Spaulding

The Brothers (2001) playing Denise Johnson

Close to Home (2001)

Bring it On (2000) playing Ice

Love and Basketball (2000) playing Shawnee

H-E Double Hockey Sticks (1999) playing Gabrielle

10 Things I hate about you (1999) playing Chastity

She’s All that (1999) playing Katie


Interesting Facts about Gabrielle:


*      Gabrielle grew up in Pleasanton, California. Her family moved there when she was 8

*      She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology

*      She first started out with an internship with a modelling agency when she was in her senior year of law school, before being signed

*      Gabrielle was the first African-American love interest on the TV series “Friends”

*      She missed out on the role of Foxxy Cleopatra in ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’ to Beyoncé. She also lost many roles to the now deceased musician Aaliyah

*      Gabrielle is inspired by Diahann Carroll

*      Gabrielle was a cheerleader in High School but she says “it was more like popularity than cheering”

*      She is a big sports fan of Turner Gill

*      Gabrielle enjoys Scrabble nights with her celebrity friends

*      She played Basketball every year with N *SYNC for the charity event challenge for children

*      Gabrielle says she likes to give hugs to select individuals

*      She prefers being a sex symbol to being a method actor

*      Gabrielle was one of E!’s sizzlin’ Sixteen in 2002

*      She is a spokesperson for Neutrogena skin care products

*      Gabrielle often hangs out with professional athletes

*      She was on the debut cover of Savoy magazine

*      She originally auditioned for the leas role in ‘Love and Basketball’ but ended up playing Shawnee

*      Gabrielle was Honey Magazine “One to watch” in 2003

*      Ranked #52 in Maxim’s 100 Sexiest Women in 2002

*      Ranked #81 in Stuff’s 103 Sexiest Women in 2003

*      Gabrielle says one of the best things about acting is all the free stuff

*      She was named the Ambassador of the year for CALCASA in 2004

*      Gabrielle says she would love to be in “Dream Girls”

*      She is having a pond named after her in Omaha

*      Gabrielle is a member of “Dozenz of Cousinz”

*      She is Swanni’s 8th sexiest woman on HDTV

*      Gabrielle played on her University’s soccer team

*      Gabrielle’s first audition and job was on UPN’S “Moesha”

*      She has guest starred on many popular TV shows like “Star Trek”, “Sister, Sister”, “Deep Space Nine” and “7th Heaven”

*      Gabrielle married Chris Howard in 2001, but they are now separated

*      As of the film ‘The Brothers’, Gabrielle has an average movie gross of $44, 979, 154

*      She is a big fan of the band ‘New Edition’

*      Gabrielle only took up acting to pay off her university debts, but after finding she liked it she decided to make a career of it


Gabrielle’s Personal Quotes:

"Thank God for J-Lo. All of a sudden big asses are de rigueur."

"I'm a Catholic girl from Omaha, and then all of a sudden they spring this scene on me. Afterwards I had to go to confession. I said, "Forgive me Father, for I have just bared my ass in front of the world. How many Hail Mary’s will it take to absolve me of that?" - On her strip scene in Cradle 2 the Grave

"Halle's success has come more from blockbusters. But, yes, she is a source of inspiration. When she makes money, black actors make money."- On Halle Berry's success

"I didn't want to act. I thought it was a cheesy profession--but when I was a junior, I got an internship at a modeling agency. When my internship ended, they said, 'We'd be interested in representing you.' I was like, 'If you think someone will pay me to be cheesy, sure, whatever!' "

"I have the Samuel Jackson mentality, of working as much as possible. I think about Halle [Berry] and [Queen] Latifah, and they are the only two black actresses that work consistently. It scares me."

"I like directors who have worked as actors. They know the experience."

"I still hear things like 'Gabrielle, you gave the best read! If we decide to go black, you're at the top of the list.' I've actually been told, 'Gabrielle, you're absolutely perfect for the role, but the role is a girl who's most popular in school.' I've been to the point where I brought in my yearbook. 'See how popular I was? It really can happen.' "

"I want to be Miss USA or Miss America. I would bring the trophy back to Nebraska. My interests are agriculture and corn. Hey, I'm just riding this train as long as I can. As long as I'm having fun, I'll do it. When it stops being fun, I'll try something else. Maybe I'll open up a chain of Popeye's Chicken."- On what she'll do next

"It is all that an actress can hope for. The experience was very organic. I was able to be creative. In comedies, you go for the joke, and embellish. Action films are about action. They're not about performances."

"The black community in Hollywood is very small and close-knit. Everyone has a common goal: to make a two-hour movie in 30 days. We watch each others' scenes. There is a natural chemistry. You can't have a crazy diva walking around saying, "As long as I'm lit well . . ." Or, "I only care if I do well."