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Full name: Rachelle Sarah Bilson



Nick name: Princess


Height: 5’2” (1.57m)


Date of Birth: August 25th, 1981


Current Age: 25


Star sign: Virgo


Place of Birth: LA, California, USA


Eye Colour: Brown


Piercings: Ears


Favourite Food: Cereal, cookies & cream & coffee flavoured ice cream & starbucks coffee with cream


Favourite Sport: Basketball


Favourite Sport team: Los Angeles Clippers


Favourite athlete: Corey Maggette of the LA Clippers


Favourite actors: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Audrey Hepburn, Woody Allen, Katie Holmes, Sean Penn, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom, Cameron Diaz, Diane Lane & Drew Barrymore


Favourite Holiday: Halloween


Favourite Singers: Bruce Springsteen, Britney Spears, Billie Holiday & Jeff Buckley


Favourite Movies: Goonies & Welcome to Dollhouse  


Favourite TV Shows: Friends & Sex and the City


Favourite Book: Edie by Jean Stein & George Plimpton


Favourite Designers: Stella McCartney, Target & Chanel


Hobbies: Dancing, Collecting vintage shoes & purses  


Education: Notre Dame High School


Celebrity Relationships: Adam Brody (Actor)


Celebrity Friends: Mischa Barton


Occupation: Actress


Filmography: The Last Kiss (2006) playing Kim

                        Unbroken (2003) playing Rachel


Her Family History: Rachel’s family have been in the entertainment industry for years. Rachel’s father Danny Bilson is a writer and director and Rachel’s step-mother Heather Medway is an actress. Rachel’s grandfather Bruce Bilson is also an actor as is her aunt – Julie Bilson Ahlberg. Rachel’s great-grandparents George and Hattie Bilson are actors and producers as well. Rachel has a younger step-sister who was born in 2001, she also has several older brothers. Rachel said she was spoilt from a very young age by her family and friends. Rachel currently resides in a 2-bedroom condo in the Hollywood Hills that has been in her family for years.


Interesting Facts about Rachel:


*      Rachel participated in stage productions of “Bye Bye Birdie” , “Once upon a Mattress” & “The Crucible”

*      Rachel loves it when guys wear fashionable shoes

*      Rachel is best known for her role as Summer Roberts on “The O.C”. She is the cast member with the earliest professional debut

*      She was an extra for the film  ‘The Wrong Guys’

*      Rachel says there is no certain routine when it comes to her keeping fit & she eats whatever she wants – “You only live once and food is great!"

*      Rachel has a long-term relationship with her “O.C” Co-star Adam Brody who also plays her on-screen boyfriend Seth Cohen on the show  

*      She is the spokesperson for Bongo jeans

*      Her boobs are size 34C

*      She attended the same high school as Kirsten Dunst but Rachel was a grade ahead of her

*      Names #6 on the Maxim magazine “Hot 100 of 2005” list

*      Ranked #77 in FHM’s “100 sexiest women in the world” in 2005

*      Rachel is a big fan of Katie Holmes but recently blasted her relationship with Tom Cruise when talking about her relationship with Adam - "We were a little quiet about it at first. You want things to develop on your own without everyone watching. I think that's what everyone wants, isn't it? Unless, of course, you're Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes."


Rachel’s Personal Quotes:


"I grew up sort of like a princess. I know that sounds awful, but I was the baby of the family. I had older brothers, so the little girl always gets everything she wants. As I've gotten older, I've realized that if you want something bad enough, you can have it. I've never gone after something I didn't get. Not yet."

"It's great playing someone who is not like me at all. I'm really a nice girl, so it's fun to be a bitch, then come home and be myself again. When I meet people now, they're surprised that I'm a good person."

"I love the fact that we play people who are not like us at all and we can just go crazy at work and then be very normal after filming."

"I feel very lucky to work in the environment that I work in. I'm surrounded by people that I love and care about and who make me laugh every day. I get to work with my friends and you really can't ask for more than that."

"A lot of people are surprised by how nice I am. Summer and I are both driven, but I'm not snobby. I'm a pretty good conversationalist and I like meeting new people."

"I feel like you have to be who you are and be true to yourself first, always. You can't worry about how you’re going to be perceived by other people. I have a quote that my mom taught me: 'It's none of my business what other people think of me.'"

"Josh Schwartz likes to dress me up. Its uncomfortable being in that Little Miss Vixen outfit for 17 hours, but its fun as long as you can make fun of yourself. That's key."