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Full Name: Anna Kay Faris


Nickname: Anna Banana


Height: 5’5” (1.65m)


Date of birth: November 29th, 1976


Current age: 29


Star Sign: Sagittarius


Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Eye colour: Dark blue


Favourite movies: To kill a Mockingbird, Cujo and Scream 3


Favourite Food: Italian


Education: University of Washington


Family: Mother – Karen Faris

              Father – Jack Faris

              Brother – Robert Faris


Celebrity Relationships: Ben Indra (Actor and producer)


Occupation: Actress



Filmography:Scary Movie 5 (2008) playing Cindy Campbell 

Smiley Face (2007)

Mama's Boy (2006)

                       My Super ex-girlfriend (2006) playing Hannah

                       Scary Movie 4 (2006) playing Cindy Campbell

                       Just friends (2005) playing Samantha James

                       3 & 3 (2005) playing Jane Connelly

                       Brokeback Mountain (2005) playing LaShawn Malone

                       Waiting … (2005) playing Serena

                        Southern Belles (2005) playing Belle

                       Spelling Bee (2004) playing Jane Connelly

                       Scary movie 3 (2003) playing Cindy Campbell

                       Lost in Translation (2003) playing Kelly

                       Winter Break (2003) playing Justine

                       The Hot Chick (2002) playing April Thomas

                       May (2002) playing Polly

                        Scary Movie 2 (2001) playing Cindy Campbell

                       Scary Movie (2000) playing Cindy Campbell

                       Lovers Lane (1999) playing Jannelle Bay

                       Eden (1996) playing Dithy

Deception: A Mother’s Secret (1991) playing Liz


Her family History: Her parents always encouraged Anna to act and even gave her unlimited access to the family video camera when she was younger to record herself and so that she could set up her own plays with the neighbourhood children. They also encouraged her to read and use her imagination.


Interesting facts about Anna:


*      Her name is actually pronounced “Ahhna”

*      Anna blasted claims in 2003 that her annoying character in ‘Lost in translation’ is based on Cameron Diaz saying “I think that rumour started with some early review of a European tabloid, and I feel really bad because I really like Cameron Diaz and it feels like I've insulted this woman I really admire. I never wanted to imitate anybody”

*      Anna takes all of her fans to heart and tries her best to thank all of the reporters

*      Her natural hair colour is dark blonde, she had to die it black during the production of ‘Scary Movie’ to give her character a Neve Campbellish look

*      Anna kicked off her acting career in her local theatre when she was 9 years old, this was also her first paid acting job at the Seattle Repertory Theatre

*      She was originally cast for the role of Buffy Gilmore in ‘Scary Movie’ before she ended up being put in the role of Cindy Campbell

*      Anna wasn’t even sure if acting was something she wanted to pursue, she just took a role in a low-budget film for some extra spending money and experience

*      She worked at an advertising agency when she was in University

*      She wants to eventually play a vixen and she also wants to make our youth more educated and encourage them to read

*      She was nominated for best kiss in ‘Scary Movie’ in 2001 at the MTV Movie awards which she shared with Jon Abrahams

*      Anna was nominated for Breakthrough Female performance at MTV Movie awards in 2001 for ‘Scary Movie’

*      She was raised in Seattle, Washington, USA

*      She has been married to Actor and producer Ben Indra since 1999

*      Anna studied a Bachelors degree in English Literature at the University of Washington, she graduated in 1999

*      Scary Movie, which she starred as Cindy Campbell had the largest opening for an R rated movie in the US and earned over $140,000,000 at the box office

*      Anna has played a part in many commercials and theatrical performances in her home town

*      Anna originally moved to London to work and write but after filming ‘Lover’s lane’ and the short film ‘Skanks’ at the age of 21 Anna decided to give Los Angeles a try

*      Her agent when she moved to LA was the Gersh agency where she started getting scripts

*      When trying to get cast for ‘Scary Movie’ Anna sent in a video tape of herself from Seattle, finally after narrowing out thousands of girls, Anna was cast as Cindy Campbell

*      Anna shooted projects such as ‘ Love’s unlimited Orchestra’, ‘Saphron Burrows’ and ‘Dog days’ but neither production aired as they all fell through

*      Anna has made several TV appearances and had a role in Friends playing Birth mother Erica

*      Anna was ranked #57 on the Maxim Hot 100 list of 2004

*      Anna is of Scottish, Irish, English, German and French descent


Anna’s Personal Quotes:


"I try to keep my head on straight and take nothing for granted."

“I don't really like to go out to clubs or anything. It's just not my style. I'd much rather go to a dive bar or    a local place. I just don't love feeling awful, having to tell people, "Hi, yeah, I was in 'Scary Movie.' Do you mind if we come in?" I mean, it's so awkward.”

            About playing Cindy Campbell - “I love it. She is one of my favorite characters because she has such great intentions but she's too crazy to follow through with them


            "May" was really fun to make- I only worked about four days on it, so it wasn't anything like making a studio film - but it was fun. It was very low-budget. I kept thinking "I wonder what this film is going to  be like?" I wanted to play a role that was different than anything I'd ever done before. It was such a  surprise when it got  into Sundance and then it sold the first night. You should have seen the Sundance audience though they were crazy - they laughed the whole way through. Angela Bettis is great - she's so talented and I really like Lucky.”