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Full Name: Keira Christina Knightley


Height: 5’7” (1.70m)


Date of Birth: March 26th, 1985


Current Age: 21


Star Sign: Aries


Place of Birth: Teddington, Middlesex, England


Hobbies: Collecting shoes


Education: Esher College, England

                   The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, England


Family: Father – Will Knightley (60)

             Mother – Sharman Macdonald (55)

             Brother – Caleb Knightley (27)


Celebrity Relationships: Del Synnott (Actor)

                                          Jamie Dornan (Model)

                                          Rupert Friend (Actor)


Celebrity Friends: Andrea Logiudice

                               Sienna Miller


Occupation: Actress



Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) playing Elizabeth Swann

Atonement (2007) playing Cecilia Tallis

Silk (2007) playing Helene Joncour

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) playing Elizabeth Swann

Domino (2005) playing Domino Harvey

Pride & Prejudice (2005) playing Elizabeth Bennet

The Jacket (2005) playing Jackie Price

King Arthur (2004) playing Guinevere

Love Actually (2003) playing Juliet

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) playing Elizabeth Swann

Gaijin (2003) playing the voice of Kate

The Seasons Alter (2002) playing Helena

New Year’s Eve (2002) playing Leah

Pure (2002) playing Louise

Thunderpants (2002) playing a Music school student

Bend It Like Beckham (2002) playing Juliette Paxton

The Hole (2001) playing Frances Almond Smith

Princess of Thieves (2001) playing Gwyn

Deflation (2001) playing Jogger

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace (1999) playing Sabe

Coming Home (1998) playing Young Judith

Treasure Seekers (1996) playing the princess

Innocent Lies (1995) playing young Celia

A Village Affair (1994) playing Natasha Jordan

Royal Celebration (1993) playing a little girl


Her Family History: Keira’s father Will Knightley is an actor and her mother Sharman Macdonald is an actress turned play writer who wrote 'When I Was A Girl I Used To Scream And Shout' and 'The Winter Guest'. Her mother is of Black Scottish heritage who were descendants of the Spanish Armada. Keira’s brother Caleb is also an actor. Keira was so keen to act that she asked for an agent when she was only 3 years old and when she was 6 she got one.


Interesting Facts about Keira:


*      Keira had severe reading and writing difficulties which were never actually diagnosed as dyslexia as she never sat the formal tests required of the British Dyslexia Association, these difficulties put her career on hold and meant that Keira had to wear special glasses in adolescence to help her read

*      Keira played Natalie Portman’s decoy Padme to her character Amidala in ‘Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace’. This was a plot twist kept secret by the movies director. During filming, Keira and Natalie looked so similar with their make-up on that their own parents couldn’t tell them apart. It was several years before agreement was reached over which scenes featured Keira as the queen and which Natalie

*      She filmed her first nude scene when she was only 15 in ‘The Hole’, but the film was not released until she was 16

*      After sitting her final school exams in 2001, she got six A’s

*      ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ in which Keira starred cost only $3.5million to make and ended up raking in more than $76 million worldwide

*      Keira studied classics, English literature & political History for A-Levels at Esher college but dropped out when she was offered the role of Lara in a TV production of “Doctor Zhivago”

*      Keira almost missed out on the role of Elizabeth Swann in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ as she was stuck in heavy city traffic on her way to the audition. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ remained in the top 3 at the box office for an incredible 21 weeks

*      In 2003, Keira was made the face of British Jeweller and luxury goods retailer Asprey

*      She spent time visiting Ethiopia on behalf of the Comic Relief charity

*      In 2004, Keira received the Hollywood Film Award for “Best Breakthrough Female Actor”

*      Keira is a member of the Heathham House Youth Project

*      She is a trained dancer

*      She supports West Ham United    

*      The Royal Shakespeare Company of Stratford, England held a 2004 poll asking movie viewers to vote for the actress they would most like to see play “Juliet” in ‘Romeo & Juliet’. Keira triumphed over other actresses such as Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson and Juliet Landau. Keira was thrilled as she says “Juliet” is a role she’d love to take on in the future

*      She shares a birthday with actress Amy Smart, play writer Tennessee Williams and singers Steven Tyler and Diana Ross. She was also born on the same day as poet Robert Frost

*      She was voted #1 on New Woman magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful Celebs” list in 2004

*      She was voted “Sexiest Woman of all time” in an Empire magazine poll in 2004

*      Keira was voted #11 on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women” list in 2005 and #1 in 2006

*      When auditioning for the role of Jackie Price in ‘The Jacket’, she had suffered food poisoning a few days earlier. She decided to audition anyway and the film makers liked her "acting" for the scene, as Jackie Price was to be a woman with many issues of loss and pain as well as being physically sick in general

*      Keira bought a flat in Richmond Upon Thames which she doesn’t get much time to spend in, but she plans to fill it with her own painted canvases   

*      She was votes second “Sexiest Voice” behind Sean Connery in a poll by th UK’s Royal National Institute for the Blind

*      Ranked #53 on the Maxim “Hot 100 of 2005” list and #9 in 2006

*      She was named “Actress of the Year” in 2005 by The Daily Mirror newspaper

*      At the age of 20, Keira became the third youngest woman to be nominated for “Best Actress” in Oscar history

*      She was considered for the role of Kate Meer in ‘Ghost Seeker: Genesis’. Keira and her agent Lindy King both loved the script, but Keira’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 3’ filming schedule meant she had to turn down the role

*      Her Hero is her cast mate in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’, Geoffery Rush

*      She employed a stylist to dress her for premieres and award ceremonies, her stylist also dresses Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Kidman

*      She attended the engagement party of Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd

*      Keira has denied rumours that she was heart broken when she broke up with Jamie Dornan and says she’s happy to be single again

*      It was reported that when Keira ended her relationship with actor Del Synnott he attempted suicide, although both have denied these claims

*      Keira is looking into taking up the Jewish Kabbalah religion

*      Keira has denied rumours that she has had cosmetic surgery to plump up her lips

*      Keira says that her toned body is down to her drinking a bottle of wine a night and eating regular plates of pasta

*      She forgot to shave her legs for the June, 2006 Vanity Fair cover on which she appears naked with Scarlett Johansson

*      Her ex-boyfriend Jamie Dornan wrote a song called “On The Outside” which is about their break-up

*      Her 2006 Vera Wang Oscar gown raised $7,855 on an eBay auction to benefit Oxfam

*      She says she is scared to get married for fear that the ceremony won’t live up to her dream wedding in romantic comedy ‘Love Actually’

*      She celebrated her 21st birthday with a 1920’s themed party

*      Keira and actor Jake Gyllenhaal have been spotted many times together sparking rumours they are an item

*      She replaced Kate Moss as the face of Chanel in 2006

*      Keira was Voted Britain's third most Stylish Woman of all time by UK weekly magazine Grazia in 2006

*      Keira said she is already planning to go under the surgeon’s knife by 25 to keep her looking good

*      She was baffled by reports that she was dating Australian pop star Kaz James because she’s never even met him 

*      Keira admits she’s clumsy, likes to swear a lot and she hates watching her own movies

*      Keira felt so comfortable around her mother when she was a teenager that they would smoke and talk about sex together

*      Keira revealed that she got drunk to film her first sex scene in ‘The Jacket’, he co-star Adrien Brody gave her a vodka and brandy before stripping off to calm her nerves. Keira refused to bear her naked bottom in the film though

*      Keira’s real-life ‘Domino’ character Domino Harvey criticised the film for falsely portraying her as heterosexual when in reality she is a proud lesbian. Domino was found dead in a bathtub in her West Hollywood home later in 2005

*      Entertainment weekly named her “Top Breakout Star” in 2003

*      At the premiere of ‘Pirate of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’ Keira wowed onlookers with a new hair-do, a black Alexander McQueen corset and $800,000 worth of Asprey diamonds

*      Keira is dating and has moved in with her ‘Pride and Prejudice’ co-star Rupert Friend



Keira’s Personal Quotes:


"The problem for me was that by being in the film the magic was broken. I loved the first Star Wars film and my mum was really into it too, that's why I took the part. But the Force wasn't there when we were filming it, and they didn't have real light sabers, which annoyed me."

(About wearing a corset on Pirates of the Caribbean) "I had a Scarlet O'Hara thing, she gets her waist down to 18 and a half inches - so I thought I would try that. For 5 minutes it's fantastic - you have this tiny waist and fantastic cleavage, but oxygen deprivation is a big problem!"

(About kissing Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean) “There were these teenaged girls off-cam, and they were ready to kill me because I kissed Orlando Bloom!”

"I feel less blonde now and, er, smarter!"

"I've always been a snob about qualifications."

 (After being called the new Hayley Mills) "That was cruel! Nothing against Hayley Mills, but I'm trying to be cool here. I'm trying to be edgy."

"Do you know that on all the sets I've been on, nobody has ever made a pass at me?"

(On The View) "I met Barbara Walters backstage and didn't know who she was. She's an American phenomenon, I was told later. I'm just sooo English."

(At a photo shoot) "I'm a hooker in these pictures, and I must be a high priced one because I'm staying at the Ritz, which is good."

"I'm a tomboy beanpole? I can't use a computer, so maybe I'm a bit out of the loop. I don't know whether to be flattered or not flattered. The beanpole bit, is that good? Can you be a sexy beanpole?"

"Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh are my heroes. Not because of their ability, but because of their perseverance."

"When in doubt, faint."

"We had kind of done all our wedding and we felt like the stars of the show, then sudden you've got all these other people with storylines and you think: excuse me, I know you're Alan Rickman but get out of my film, please, thank you."

(On her conception) “I was a bet. My mum was desperate for another child, and my dad told her that the only way they could afford to have one was if she sold a play. So Mum wrote “When I Was a Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout.”

“I don't think I can call myself an actress yet. I just don't think my skill level is that high. I hope that with every job it gets better. But until I'm good, I can say I'm trying to be an actor, but I don't think I've completely made it.”

"I don't have a problem with my body. I'm not just going to strip off all my clothing, but if the part calls for it and I don't think there's any way round, I'm absolutely fine."

“It's also strange when people recognize you in the street and they know you but you don't know them. It's a little weird, but nothing to complain about.”

“I don't think about nutrition. The very thought of a diet makes me want chips and ice cream. And I just hate going to the gym. I cannot stand it.”

"Every part I've ever got, I always thought it was completely ridiculous that I was up for it. With Pirates, I only packed for a week because I was sure that I was going to get sacked. I thought they'd made the hugest mistake."

"We're all fans of cinema, you know. Forget about being an actor, I love watching films. I really do. That's what I love doing, as a hobby. I find the whole process fascinating, as do my parents, they go to the cinema a lot."

"I don't read any magazines or newspapers any more, because I find it really scary and I get really scared when I'm followed by photographers. I have, on many occasions, broken down in tears because I find it terrifying. I dropped out of school when I was 16 so there's nothing else that I can do."

"I don't like parties very much. I'm not a very sociable being."

"Three years after that I was diagnosed as dyslexic, and we struck a deal: I was allowed to start acting on condition that I would read constantly and get good grades at school."