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Kate Bosworth


Full Name: Catherine Ann Bosworth


Nickname: Kate


Height: 5’7” (1.70m)


Date of Birth: January 2nd, 1983


Current age: 23


Star Sign: Capricorn


Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, USA


Eye colour: Hazel & Blue


Favourite Sports: Soccer & Lacrosse


Hobbies: Singing & Horseback riding


Education: Princeton University


Family: Father – Hal Bosworth

             Mother – Patricia Potter


Celebrity Relationships: Matt Czuchry (Actor)

                                         Orlando Bloom (Actor)


Occupation: Actress & equestrian



Seasons of Dust (2007) playing Janey

Superman Returns (2006) playing Lois Lane

Bee Season (2005) playing Chali

Beyond the sea (2004) playing Sandra Dee

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (2004) playing Rosalee Futch

Advantage Hart (2003) playing Trinity Montage

Wonderland (2003) Dawn Schiller

The rules of Attraction (2002) playing Kelly

Blue Crush (2002) playing Anna Marie Chadwick

Remember the Titans (2000) playing Emma Hoyt

The Newcomers (2000) playing Courtney Docherty

The Horse Whisperer (1998) playing Judith


Pets: 2 cats called Louise & Dusty


Her family History: Kate’s father Hal Bosworth is an executive for Talbot and her mother Patricia Potter is a homemaker.


Interesting Facts about Kate:


*      Kate spent most of her childhood in different cities and states, at age 6 she and her family moved to San Francisco, then Connecticut at age 9 and to Cohasset – Mass at age 14

*      By the age of 14 Kate was a champion equestrian, it was then that she heard of an audition for a film about horses

*      When Kate attended the audition for ‘The Horse Whisperer’ she went along not at all expecting to land a role, but simply for the experience of a film audition. In the end, Kate won of the producer Redford and got the role of the leading females’ best friend Judith

*      The only acting experience Kate had before ‘The Horse Whisperer’ was acting in a community theatre production of ‘Annie’

*      After filming ‘The Horse Whisperer’, fearing an early career would take over her childhood, she took 18 months off to live a normal life and finish high school before returning to acting in 2000

*      Throughout high school Kate maintained academic excellence and was an honour role student and a member of the National Honour Society

*      Kate is involved in an organisation to help physically challenged children learn to ride horses with assistance

*      Kate having 2 eye colours – Hazel & blue is a condition called Heterochromia iridium

*      Kate is a veteran member of the Appalachia Service Project, every summer they send groups to the Appalachian region to build and repair homes for families living there

*      Kate used a family Christmas card photo as the required headshot for the audition for ‘The Horse Whisperer’

*      Kate played varsity soccer and Lacrosse in High school

*      Kate has a long term relationship of over 3 years with actor Orlando Bloom whom she visited on the set of ‘Troy’ in 2004

*      Although Kate was accepted into Princeton University, she has repeatedly deferred her acceptance for the sake of movie production

*      Her natural hair colour is brown

*      Kate was the first choice for the role of Gail in ‘Sin City

*      She shares her birthday with Brandon DeShazer, Cuba Gooding Jr., Taye Diggs and Dax Shepard

*      Kate is fluent in Spanish

*      Kate was ranked #38 on Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 of 2005 list

*      Kate was reportedly fuming when her long term boyfriend Orlando Bloom shared a “friendly” kiss with his ex Sienna Miller

*      While filming ‘Blue Crush’ Kate had to live with her female co-stars in a beach house in Oahu for 2 months while they trained in running, swimming, weight training and surfing

*      At one point, while filming ‘Blue Crush’ Kate was left unconscious and ended up going to hospital for a CAT scan

*      Kate appeared in the TV series ‘Young Americans’ which is where she met her old boyfriend Matt Czuchry 

*      Kate first met long term boyfriend Orlando Bloom at the ‘Lord of the Rings: The two towers’ Premiere

*      Kate was an hour late to a Teacher’s fund-raiser in Chelsea because of a wardrobe malfunction, the zipper on her Zac Posen dress had fallen off. Luckily, Zac was in town and sent over a tailor to sew Kate into the dress, at the end of the night $125,000 had been raised to improve the status of the teaching profession

*      Kate and Orlando apparently had a short break from each other in early 2005 due to their hectic working schedules


Kate’s Personal Quotes:


"I'd hate to say it, but I'm a blueblood. That's just the way I've been raised."

"There are girls, people in the industry who just kind of flip through magazines and pick out guys, like, 'I'm gonna date him.' I could never do that. I don’t think being set up works. I'm big into fate."

[On the changes that will follow her life and career after being cast as Lois Lane in Superman Returns]: "I'm ready for this. I'm just glad my 'breakout' wasn't a gigantic film. I feel solid in myself now."

[Talking about modeling her Lois Lane performance on Katharine Hepburn]: "I watched a lot of Hepburn to prepare for Lois, particularly 'The Philadelphia Story' and 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner'. Hepburn is a great model for how I see Lois - strong but fragile."

"I'm in love with what I do but it's not the only thing that fulfills me."

"I think probably trying to please too many people. Sometimes I get so caught up in making other people happy that I just sort of forget about making myself happy and you obviously need to make yourself happy."

"Everybody makes mistakes, including role models, so you should just learn and grow from it. Even the best role models do screw up and learn from their mistakes, and I think it is just completely unrealistic to say that role models are perfect. Personally, I think perfection is boring, and secondly, I just think that it's okay to make mistakes."

"As an only child, you either become a loner or you learn to put yourself out there, which my parents encouraged."

"I don't really get star-struck, but I do get talent struck. If I meet somebody that I think is just wildly talented and brilliant, that's when I start getting nervous."

"Of course everybody had their own little thing. My worst thing was ice cream, I was so intense about that. I insisted that no one touch the Ben & Jerry's Half Baked. If they did, it was a full-out showdown." - On the experience of living with her co-stars during the filming of Blue Crush